Law enforcement agencies will not allow clashes and provocations during mass events in Odessa and will do everything to organize the proper work of the police in early may, assured the first Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Sergey Spring.

As reported on Saturday by the Department of communication of the police in the Odessa region, during a visit to Odessa S. Spring was briefed by the heads of structural divisions involved in safeguarding public order and urged them to work closely with the population and to outreach about the inadmissibility of violation of law.

“The police will do everything to keep calm in the Odessa region. Citizens will feel safe on the streets”, – said the first Deputy head of the interior Ministry .

As reported, policing in Odessa on may 2 will provide more than 2 thousand law enforcement officers, except police, will involve the staff of management of SBU in Odessa region, the southern territorial administration of National guard of Ukraine, the students of the Odessa state University of internal Affairs. Since April 30, the personnel of police departments of the region will be transferred to the strengthened option of service.

Law enforcement will be heavily patrolling the Central part of the city, the territory Kulikovo field and the Cathedral square. In addition, on the territory of the Kulikovo field would enter a mode limiting the admission of citizens – the entrance to the venue will be exclusively through the filter points.

May 2, 2014 during the civil clashes between Pro-Russian and Pro-Ukrainian activists killed 48 people and more than 200 injured. Most of the victims died during or as a result of a fire in the trade unions Building on Kulikovo field. However, the first victims of the clashes were just Pro-Ukrainian activists who were killed in the district of the Greek area.