EKATERINBURG, March 17. /TASS/. The first sample multilaterale 3D printer metal powder will be established in the Urals by the end of 2018. One of the developers is the world’s largest enterprise for uranium enrichment “Ural electrochemical plant” (uekhk, Novouralsk, Sverdlovsk oblast), reported the correspondent of TASS General Director of the plant Alexander Belousov.

“The plant is an industrial partner to create the 3D printer, we co-financed with the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation organized a pool of performers who are now working on the Russian multilateral the 3D printer. Different performers, there are about five or six. Each develops their part, including powders. The first model is planned to create by the end of 2018,” – said Belousov.

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According to him, the company works on the development of metal powder for printing . “We make an instance of a 3D printer and a pilot batch of metal powders to it. It is planned that the first samples will appear in 2018”, – he explained.

Earlier it was reported that the production of powder for additive machines, developed at the University of technology, launching at the Ural plant. The powder is two to three times cheaper than foreign analogues. According to the Director of Regional engineering center (RIC) Urfu Alexey Fefelova, UECP start creating powders of copper, aluminum, titanium and Nickel. For this purpose the company will construct a special plant which can produce up to 50 tonnes per year.

UEIP is the world’s largest enterprise for uranium enrichment and the country’s first plant for the separation of uranium isotopes. Included in fuel company TVEL of Rosatom. Takes 48% of the industrial capacity of the separation of uranium production in Russia. Products UECP covers more than 80% of export orders for uranium enrichment hosted in Russia.

About the project

UEIP included in the composition of the participants of the scientific-industrial consortium “Additive technology”, the agreement on creation of which was signed by Governor of Sverdlovsk region at “Innoprom 2016”. In the consortium, will be implemented large-scale investment projects, involving the creation of Russian units powder-layered fusion, experimental-industrial installations for the production of metallic powders, the development of related technology and equipment.

For the first time the technology of production of metal powders for additive machines presented at “Innoprom-2015”, during the test, the powder proved better than their foreign counterparts. In 2016 at “Innoprom” the staff of the RIC introduced industrial 3D printer that cost 30 million rubles, which works with metal powders of copper, aluminum, iron, titanium. Scientists are also developing a line of 14 domestic additive machines. Scientists have noted that subject to funding mass production of 3D printers will start in the summer of 2017.