The current sixth?

We have long been accustomed to the dominance of the FC BATE in the Belarusian championship. BATE win in the elite division for thirteen consecutive seasons, but this year risk being left without gold medals, writes “Pressball”.

For four rounds to finish the “yellow-blue” are at a distance of six points to Brest “Dynamo”. In General, this championship was marked by intrigue, which under certain circumstances are able to live up to the final round. Able to die for a couple of games to finish — such an outcome even more likely. In any case, the gold medals don’t always become easy prey of the Borisov club. And not only Borisov. In this text, we recall the employment title in the history of Belarusian football.


Two years ago the team of Alexandr Ermakovich decent fever. BATE got maximum points in games with direct competitors, but lost to “Krumbach”, “Minsk”, divided points with “Naftan”… to Prevent the title could “case Veremko” (first team even deprived of the three points), but most of all in this respect, the “yellow-blue” strained “Gorodeya”. On the third day after a draw game with the Serbian Crvena Zvezda in the Europa League Borisov went to Gorodeya for another trophy. Goal ivanić gave hope that the match ends with the right BATE to score, but then Dubai and Pavlyuchek tipped the balance in favor of the Kiev “Dynamo”, which in a parallel match has not experienced problems in Vitebsk. Finally, in “sugar” the village decided last minute. Heroics Vitaly Rodionov, who first reduced the deficit and in stoppage time made the score equal. A typed score BATE enough to become a 14-times champion of Belarus.

Table: BATE — 68 points (30 matches), Dynamo Mn — 68 (30), miner — 65 (30)…


In its tenth year the gold went to the Borisov club without the hassle. The tour before the end of the championship the difference between BATE and Dinamo Minsk, was three points. Equality of points would give a chance to the citizens of Minsk to compete for the trophy in a gold match, and all this went on. In the last match “yellow-blue” beat in Soligorsk “the miner” with the advantage of two goals, but then missed three times and eventually lost. This result allowed the team to bronze medals of the tournament and put the BATE at a disadvantage: the victory of the capital’s Dynamo put BATE into second place in the final table.

It is curious that the long part of the championship “Dinamo” Minsk was outside of the podium, but Russian Alexey Petrushin was able to rectify the situation. And another thing: all the matches of the final round was to begin at one time, but due to heavy snowfall a meeting between Dinamo — Minsk and Brest — moved for a couple of hours. That is, the warriors Petrushina knew that BATE lost to Shakhtar, and that the victory in the Derby will give the opportunity to win the championship. But to hit the gates of Brest failed, and eventually finished second. On his third championship BATE learned already in the bus.

Table: BATE — 54 points (26 games), Dynamo Mn — 52 (26), miner — 51 (26)…


“In the history of the BATE is a Prime example: in 2002, the backlog of “Neman” for a few rounds to finish was seven points. However, the season ended the “gold” match,” — said Yegor Filipenko. Yes, that was it. In the fall of 2002, the Borisov club lost to “Gomel” and “Belshina” and for four rounds before the finish were third in the table, but then won four in a row and managed to catch up with stalled at the finish of club from Grodno. “Gold” the match took place on a snowy the “Tractor”. The main time ended in a draw, in extra the only goal was hammered by the defender of BATE Tarasenko, head Balotelli the ball in the net. In the history of Belarusian football this meeting is and remains the only “Golden”. BATE then coached Yuri performed same functions, Hrodna Sergey Solodovnikov.

Table: BATE — 56 points (26 games), Neman — 56 (26), miner — 51 (26)…


MINSK. November 8, 2002. The “Tractor” stadium, 7,000 spectators

JUDGE — V. In. (Orsha), V. Bykov (Mogilev), Y. Dupanov (Minsk).

NEMAN: Sulim (K) — woodpeckers, of Lubchuk, Mamido, Rovneiko, Borisenko (Share, 52), Madievski (Turchinsky, 111), meek (Gintov, 79), Tarasick, Kovalenok, Radushko.

Spare Parts: A. Rybak, Puzyna, V. Mozolevsky, Workbench.

BATE: Zhevnov — a Likhtarovich, Rogozhkin, Shmigero, A. Baga, Mardas (K), Goncharik (A. End, 70), Chumachenko, Skripchenko (Loshankov, 52), nevinskiy (Tarasenko, 30), beganski.

Spare: F., Strahanovich, The Ermakovich, Kobets.

GOAL: 0:1 — Tarasenko (102, pass — Chumachenko).

WARNING: the meek (10) — Rogozhkin (45), of Shmigero (77), bieganski (43), A. End (118).


This year includes two Championships (full and shortened autumn) — “Dynamo” won both. In odnorangovogo tournament, which was held from July to November, Dynamo main rival for victory was MPCC. In the 13th round of the Mozyr squad outlined the seriousness of his intentions with a win in both match — 2:1, thereby reducing the gap to first position on two points. In case of equality of points in the championship-1995 advantage in the table was awarded to the team with the most number of wins in the League, and the result of a personal meeting were taken into account in the second turn. At the finish of the Minsk never stumbled, beating out Rechitsa “Vedrich” (1:0) and home Lida “Shoemaker” (6:2). That summer, the battle for the title of the game imposed Vitebsk “Dvina”, but the dispute was resolved for the tour to finish — after defeating Gomselmash (9:3) team Ivan Sekine became inaccessible. And in the last game of the championship 1994/95 the citizens of Minsk and Vitebsk residents came face-to-face. The result — a convincing victory of “Dynamo” with the score 3:0.

Table: Dynamo Mn — 38 points (15 matches), MPKZ — 36 (15), Dinamo-93 — 32 (15)…


The first championship of the country turned out truncated — played in one round. The main competitor of Grozny “Dynamo” in struggle for “gold” has become Mogilev “Dnepr” led by Valery Streltsov. In 15 games came from second Federal League conceded only four times (Dynamo — seven) and finished the season with 12-game streak. Minsk “Dynamo” under the leadership of Mikhail Vergeenko, staffed strongest Belarusian players ahead of Mogilev only one point. The Dynamo lost points in last match of the season with “Vedrich” — the champion would become “Dnepr”, who beat at the end of June BelAZ Zhodino (2:1). However, the victory of Minsk in the match against team-middle happened convincing — 6:0. In the first championship, by the way, its the only medal has won Brest Dynamo.

Table: Dynamo Mn — 25 points (15 matches), the Dnieper — 24 (15), Dynamo Br — 19 (15)…