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TASS, August 30. Flight of airline “Yakutia” which was supposed to deliver to Moscow, the Russian tourists of the bankrupt companies Ted Travel is delayed for 15 hours. On Wednesday the correspondent of TASS.

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R3 1104 flight from Antalya to Moscow was supposed to fly on Tuesday at 19:30 local time (same as GMT), but a few times it was postponed for unknown reasons. First the flight was delayed till 01:20, then on the screens at the airport there was time 03:20, and then – 03:50, 04:50 and 06:20. Now on the online scoreboard airport stated that the plane will take off at 10:20.

To Moscow was to take off about 150 people, mostly families with children. At about 04:00 to the airport drove buses of tourists from the flight 1104 R3 was taken to the hotel where they were temporarily placed . In the administration of the hotel said that soon the hotel will drive the buses that deliver tourists to the airport.