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Paulo Fonseca commented on his team’s performance against Dinamo.

Shakhtar coach Paulo Fonseca spoke about the match of the 25th round of the championship of Ukraine against Dynamo.

“Today was a very tactical game where there was virtually no scoring chances. Until the last minute. The team chose a safety in the defense at risk in the attack. The truth is that we controlled the ball but did not create an interesting moment at the gate of Dynamo. As they have ours.

I expect that Dinamo will be more risk, given the importance of the match for them. But play safely. In defense of the players, nothing to complain about.

If you asked me to penalties, deserved the result – a draw, then I’d say Yes. Now we’re upset. We continue to lead. This is an important step for us, though still far from final victory.

Kovalenko played well but was injured. Before the game were only with us for two days. I doubted whether to put him in the starting lineup. But, as the pause was really long, I decided not to risk it.

Why played poorly in the attack? No, the truth is that Dinamo is also closed, down the line. It is true that in some moments we played too safe, although it was possible to risk. Rival, in turn, also did not allow us to play the way we would like.

Was the game plan to play more restrained than in Kharkiv? Of course, I talked to my players before the match, as always. In these games are always very difficult to keep emotional control. We know what players mean to the games. I always warn the players that need to keep head cool. This is a very big rivalry, not only between Dynamo and Shakhtar, but also giants in other countries. These are the fruits of dedication of the players, but it’s important to keep yourself in hand. Yes, there was a lot of yellow cards in two matches, but the players respected each other. This is normal.

Regarding yellow cards… I know how to admit their mistakes. Such a match is difficult for referees, but today the referee behaved perfectly. After the Cup match I was unfair with the referee, I criticized the referee. But then I reviewed the game, analyzed all the yellow cards in detail, there were really a lot. I admit that infidels were only two – the second yellow card Moraes and Stepanenko. The rest was well deserved. I made a mistake when he evaluated the work of the referee after the Cup match. To judge such matches is not easy.

I hope that in a month the game against Dinamo will be only formal. But tonight was a dangerous game. If Kiev won, they would believe in themselves more. But we held the gap, it’s an important distance, but the players know that the championship is still far away. We still have some important matches, and we have to play to the limit” – quoted by Fonseca official website of Dynamo.

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