Wolf Sabivka and students during a lesson dedicated to the 2018 world Cup, the Day of knowledge at school-gymnasium №1554.

© Artyom Korotayev/TASS

TASS, 1 Sep. “Football lessons”, dedicated to the 2018 world Cup, took place on Friday in the cities – organizers of the tournament. In knowledge Day the students acquainted with the history of the tournament the International football Federation (FIFA) and the details of Russia’s preparations for the world Cup, children were given balls “krasava”, professional footballers shared the secrets of the game and were awarded prizes for winning in the quiz.

In Moscow “football lesson” was held at the Centre of sports and education “Chertanovo” . The guys arrived the General Director of the organizing Committee “Russia-2018” Alexei Sorokin, the Ambassador of the world championship Alexey Smertin, striker Moscow “Spartak” Denis Davydov, Russian singer Zara, who, in the course of the lesson was announced by the Ambassador of the 2018 world Cup. “I hope to be able to justify the trust and to represent the world championship,” she said. After the lesson, Smertin and Davydov played soccer with the students of the educational center.

As told TASS in Committee of sports of St. Petersburg, “a football lesson” was held in the school 667 Nevsky district of the city. There is the city’s only high school sports Museum. The lesson for children was held by the inspector of the Russian football Union, a former FIFA referee Taras Bezubik and sports journalist, writer Konstantin Osipov, who spoke about the importance of holding for the country and city of the world Cup. “Guests donated to the school Museum, world Cup ball”, – said the representative of the Committee.

Team girls vs veterans “Baltika”

The official mascot of the 2018 world Cup Wolf Zabijaka greeted participants of the tournament players at the school No. 14 of Kaliningrad. The tournament was organized in the framework of the “football lesson”. “Highlight” sports festival in the school stadium was the participation in the tournament the football team of girls in this institution. And their rivals were the veterans of the local football club “Baltika”.

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As told TASS teacher Svetlana Nechkina, the school has two sports class with a football bias on their base and formed a girls team for two years has achieved considerable successes: became the winner of city competitions on mini-football in the all-Russian project “Mini-football to school”, winner of the North-West and fourth in the final project in Moscow, which was attended by 12 best teams of Russia.

“We are proud of our girls, football players and believe in their athletic future,” said Nechkina. And fans of the tournament and the rivals – the teams of volunteers, pupils of boarding school No. 7 team of boys of school No. 14 and veterans of “Baltika” – applauded girls during a football match. Participants of the football lesson of the tournament, welcomed the five-time Olympic champion and Ambassador of the 2018 world Cup in Russia Natalia Ishchenko.

Tournament participants and fans to this day have also seen a master class of trainers on football sports school Roman Tarasov, show football freestyle from Andriy Voronin, performances of participants of acrobatic rock-n-roll. Before the football tournament presentation of the 2018 world Cup in school classrooms was held by the volunteers of the organizing Committee “Russia-2018” and urban volunteers. They spoke about the history of the League and answered questions from students, many of whom were associated with the preparation for the tournament in Kaliningrad.

According to the Vice Prime Minister, Chairman of the organizing Committee “Russia-2018” Vitaly Mutko, who visited in August Kaliningrad, training program in the region for the world Cup is done with great progress. According to the Builder of the main stadium on the island October FSUE “Sport-In”, the willingness of the arena for 35 thousand jobs amounts to 80%, the stadium will be commissioned before the end of this year.

The most popular lesson

In Samara “football lesson” was the most popular: it took place simultaneously in more than 180 educational institutions of the city – in schools and colleges. Volunteers cooked for pupils and students a vivid interactive presentation of the future of the championship, and then at the local stadiums turned football battles.

“We would like this to become a tradition – one of the first lessons in the knowledge Day to devote to the sport, including such a wonderful game like football,” – said in the lesson at school №77, Vice-Governor of Samara region Alexander Fetisov. According to him, over the past few years the region has added more than 200 modern football fields, which is played as the students and adults.

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In Rostov-on-don, the volunteers told the students about the upcoming 2018 world Cup and the history of the tournament. Children held a master-class in football freestyle, told TASS representative of the Directorate for preparation and holding of the world Cup in Rostov-on-don Alexander Shapovalov. “In the new school №115, which opened today and is the biggest in the South of Russia, a team of football freestyle at the city Palace of creativity of children and youth has conducted master classes”, – said Shapovalov.

“Football lesson” in Volgograd has passed in school №93, attended the prize-winners of all-Russian competition “Leather ball”, said the regional Committee on preparation for the 2018 world Cup. Honorable guests were the Chairman of the Committee Arkady Grushko Ambassador for the 2018 world Cup from Volgograd, a veteran of FC “Rotor” Alexander Nikitin. The children were given the ball “krasava” was held a football quiz with prizes for correct answers were Souvenirs with symbols of Volgograd. The lesson ended with a football match in which the players of “Rotor” played with the national team of the school.

With professionals battled schoolchildren aged 12 to 18 years, but among them were the winners of the “Leather ball”. “Today we expected rain, but to our football lesson, the sky cleared up,” said the Committee. The match ended with the score 5:5.

“Football lesson” does Ceresium

In Nizhny Novgorod “football lesson” the students not only learned the details of the preparation for the upcoming championship, but also received practical advice on the game of football from the coach and former player Dmitri Cheryshev. Clear, Sunny weather allowed a part of the “football lesson” on the street. Charging and football exercises in Nizhny Novgorod was also attended by the Olympic champion on rhythmic gymnastics Darya Shkuruhina.

Training program in the Nizhny Novgorod region for the world Cup approved the first among all regions of the organisers and she called one of the largest in the country. There will be six matches of the tournament, including the game of the 1/4 finals. In preparation for the world Cup is the construction of a new metro station, the reconstruction of the Avenue, continues repair work on three stadiums. But in the arena, which will host matches of the tournament and is being built on the confluence of the Oka and the Volga, on the eve already completed the installation of the roof over the spectator stands.

“Football lesson” in Saransk the Minister of target programs of the Republic of Mordovia Alexey Merkushkin. The importance of the upcoming tournament and about the details of the preparation Merkushin told pupils of the Lyceum №7. After the lesson the students battled in a game of table football.

“We are preparing for the world Cup, now the most active phase, I’d love to invite you all next year on the championship matches, for the festival fans, which will be held at our city. Many of you I want to invite you to volunteer, join our volunteer movement”, addressed the students Merkushin.

Saransk will host four matches in the group stage of the tournament. Construction of the stadium, “Mordovia arena” is located in the floodplain, Incur in the centre of Saransk.

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The day of football knowledge

In Krasnodar, who does not appear among the cities hosting the tournament, the lesson took place in football Academy – they met with the veterans of the club “Kuban”, the teams of sport schools have played in friendlies. In Sochi “the Day of football knowledge” as it is dubbed in the local administration, were conducted in ten schools.

“Lessons were conducted by the volunteers, they were helped by coaches from sports schools and veterans of our Sochi club “the Pearl”: they conducted master classes, where some talked about his history in the sport. After the theoretical part was a quiz with questions about football and the world Cup, and then in the stadiums or in the school gym were friendly tournaments. At the end of the lessons presented posters, as we say, “from wolf Zabivki” posters tell about a healthy way of life,” said TASS in the city hall of Sochi.

Former football player of “Pearls” gotcha, Gogrichiani, during his career, scoring more than 70 goals, told the pupils of gymnasium №1 of the Sochi team was in the 1990-ies in the championship of Russia, and his most beautiful goal.

“Choose the most beautiful goal of the player hard. But as the fans say, he was in the match with “Alania”. They arrived as the championship leader, but underestimated us and we played a draw. “The most beautiful” is the first of two goals mast: Murygin takes the ball, passes to centre, and in the fall I score in the far corner – just a little bit farther 11-meter mark, however, turned out beautifully,” he told Gogrichiani TASS.

He also noted that such lessons help people to prepare for the world Cup to “2018 did not come suddenly.”

Lesson the walls of the Kremlin

In Kazan “football lesson” was held at the Manege of the Central stadium under the walls of the Kremlin. About 70 children’s and youth sports school “Savinovo” played a football match, after which the Ambassador of the 2018 world Cup from Kazan water Polo player Irek Zinnurov told them about the upcoming tournament and presented the school with the ball.

“My mission as Ambassador is to visit such lessons in schools to speak to children about what will be a championship that they can participate as spectators and as volunteers. It is necessary to organize the promotion of a healthy lifestyle,” said TASS Zinnurov.

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Kazan is almost ready to host the world Cup. The stadium “Kazan-arena”, where the matches of the confederations Cup and will host matches of the 2018 world Cup, was opened in 2013 for the Universiade. Its capacity is about 45 thousand people.

In Ekaterinburg “football lesson” was held at school №25. Acting Governor of Sverdlovsk region Evgeny Kuyvashev gave a start to the lesson – practice writing “good Luck” on the ball “krasava”. Minister of physical culture and sports of the region Leonid Rapoport and Director of the volunteer center Alexander Antimonov told the students about the upcoming matches, the preparation for the championship and that he will bring to the city, region and country.

As reported TASS senior coach of football club “Ural” Ivan Miller, who held training for pupils of school №25, the lesson was great, it was attended by about 60 students. “I love to watch football. Waiting for the championship, I want our victory”, – quotes the information policy Department of the Sverdlovsk region the words of one of the participants in the lesson, a fourth grader of a Lion, Tarasenko.

World Cup matches will be held from 14 June to 15 July 2018 12 stadiums in 11 cities of Russia: Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Sochi, Rostov-on-don, Volgograd, Kaliningrad, Yekaterinburg, Samara and Saransk.