Vyacheslav Sahowala



Sports news: Specialist commented on the friendly match between Russia and Brazil

Football Manager Vyacheslav Sahowala on his page on Facebook shared his opinion about the friendly match Russia – Brazil (0-3)

“Three years have not seen the Russian team. For the sake of curiosity, I watched the match Russia – Brazil – 0-3. In a word, terrified…. Composed of Brazilians played by four players of the past and current composition of the miner. Don’t want to gloat, but on the background of the Ukrainian team looks fine,” said Zahovaiko.

One user opposed it in the comments: “Here categorically do not agree. Ukraine of such a level of opponents he had and will have. To check on someone. Russia comes out with defense in the short passing from Brazil to Ukraine and never dreamed of such. Good first half from Russia.Miranchuk is a top player, along with Golovin and Smolov! Russia looked adequately in the first half. Second not seen .”