Starting in 2016, the restored roadway capacity of nearly 10 thousand kilometers of roads of General use. This was stated by Deputy Minister of infrastructure, Yuriy Lavrenyuk.

According to Lavrenyuk, it has become possible thanks to the creation of the State budget protected funding source for road construction – Road Fund.

“As a result of prolonged annual underfunding of the road sector, 95% of roads in Ukraine are in poor condition, 40% of them need complete restoration. Therefore, the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine has initiated the creation of the State road Fund. On 17 November 2016, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the Law on the road Fund and in the framework of decentralization on the balance sheets of regional state administration transferred approximately 122 thousand km of local roads with appropriate funding. On the balance of Ukravtodor had fallen to 46 thousand km of state roads, which gave the green light to the restoration of highways of Ukraine. The road Fund began work on 1 January 2018. The funding in 2018 amounted to more than UAH 33 billion in 2019 – more than 43 billion, and in 2020 it is expected funding of nearly $ 75 billion UAH”, – said the Deputy Minister.

According to Lavrenyuk, for 2016-2018 was renovated 6850 km of roads. In particular, the construction of international corridor Go-Highway, which will connect the Baltic and the Black sea, and the roads N-08 Boryspil – Dnepr – Zaporizhzhia (through Kremenchuk) – Mariupol, M-03 Kyiv – Kharkiv – dovzhanskiy M-05 Kyiv – Odesa; M-06 Kyiv – Chop.

“Special attention is given unprecedented construction of cement concrete highway N-31 Dnepr – tsarychanka – Kobeliaky – Reshetylivka. This road is built with the most modern technology with a guarantee for 28 years. With proper maintenance, this road can last up to 50 years”, – said Yuriy Lavrenyuk.

The Deputy Minister also noted that now the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has put a clear priority – as quickly as possible to restore the roads of international importance, the so-called “emka” (M): “in Parallel with the rehabilitation of roads of international importance, we also intend to repair roads national (N) and spatial values (T). We now have a vision of how to enter the permanent financing of these roads. After the restoration of the roads of territorial importance, we will transfer them to the balance of the regional state administrations. However, ways need not only to build but to maintain. In this aspect, we have a problem. Overloaded trucks can kill any new road for the season. We need strong and professional gabaritno-weight control. In this aspect, the newly elected Supreme Council has already made a positive first step. September 11, 2019, by the Parliament was taken for a basis the bill “On amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine regarding certain issues of implementation of dimensional and weight control” (reg. No. 1047). This bill establishes a transition to the automatic fixing of violations associated with exceeding the size and weight standards, introduces the mechanism hard, and the main thing – inevitability of punishment. Besides, received from fines the proceeds will be credited to the Road Fund and used for the repair of roads. It is European practice, which successfully operates in the EU and is yielding concrete results.”

According to Lavrenyuk, with the assistance of the world Bank by the Ministry of infrastructure has already begun the establishment of a 6 sets of automatic weighing in motion WIM (Weigh-in-Motion) around Kiev. In the future the installation of about 100 such complexes throughout the territory of Ukraine on the roads of national and international importance.

Yuriy Lavrenyuk also stressed that the Department of infrastructure gives to increase security on the roads of Ukraine. So, in 2018, the Government approved the State program on increasing the level of road safety in Ukraine for the period until 2020. This program is designed primarily to reduce the number of dead and injured on the roads of Ukraine, and to ensure the safety of movement of vehicles and pedestrians.

“For the first time the government allocates funds for road safety 5% of the Road Fund is its software. The total amount of financing of the State program is planned in the amount of 8.7 billion UAH. Of them: in 2018, and 2.6 billion in 2019 – 2.1 billion UAH. In 2020 and 3.4 billion UAH . The funding of the program specified each year when drafting the State budget of Ukraine for the relevant year. Our goal is to reduce mortality on the roads of Ukraine by at least 30%,” – said the Deputy Minister.

Yuri Lavrenyuk said that this year the implementation of the program will be directed more than 2 billion hryvnia. Great attention is paid to the security of Ukrainian roads by circular junctions, refuges, pedestrian crossings and Bicycle paths.

So, as of September 9, 2019 already conducted purchases and signed contracts for more than 1.2 billion UAH, namely:

  • acquired 20 special emergency and rescue vehicles, light type (SARM-L)
  • purchased 20 cars dedicated to the service of road safety;
  • purchased 300 sets of the devices to establish the state of alcoholic and narcotic intoxication;
  • secured the implementation of a systematic gabaritno-weight control by providing fuel, supplies and maintenance GVK;
  • the contract for the arrangement of lighting of pedestrian crossings with the use of Autonomous supply for the total amount of 4.1 million UAH;
  • the contract for the provision of pedestrian crossings on the roads of the state value totaling 116 900 000 UAH;
  • the contract for the device junctions ring type with small or medium size Central island;
  • contracts for the elimination of places of concentration of road accidents and areas with high accident risk by introducing engineering solutions to reduce the number of accidents for a total amount of 53.6 mlngrn;
  • a contract for the installation of road barriers and devices, cushioning devices (damper system) on the roads of national importance outside the boundaries of settlements for total amount of 3.66 million;
  • In addition, already announced the holding of public procurement the total expected value for 694,8 million UAH, of which:
  • procurement of 31 units of special rescue vehicles of the type (SARM-L) and 30 special rescue vehicles such as the (CAPM-C);
  • the system auto-commit violations of traffic rules;
  • establishing road barriers and devices, damping systems on the roads of the state values outside the boundaries of settlements in the amount 6100000 UAH;
  • lighting of pedestrian crossings using the standalone power supply or other power supply for a total amount of 262 thousand UAH;
  • the provision of pedestrian crossings on the roads of the state value in the amount of 55.1 million UAH;
  • elimination of places of concentration of road accidents and areas with high accident risk by introducing engineering solutions for a total amount of 3.6 million UAH;
  • the device interchanges a ring type with small or medium size Central island of 25 million UAH;
  • In addition, it is also planned to declare and procurement total anticipated cost 420,2 million UAH, including:
  • maintenance 78 mobile posts of weight control
  • Ukrtransstroy for the sum of 1,2 million UAH;
  • mobile diagnostic station – 16 units in the amount of 16 million UAH;
  • road lab – 20 units in the amount of 20 million UAH;
  • lighting pedestrian crossings with the use of Autonomous power in the amount of at 145.5 million;
  • the provision of pedestrian crossings with the greatest concentration of road accident road signs with illumination or signal lamps, traffic lights on demand, marking, pedestrian crossings markings with the use of resistant marking materials and other activities for a total amount of 172.5 million UAH;
  • elimination of places of concentration of road accidents and areas with high accident risk by introducing engineering solutions for a total amount of 10 million UAH.

The Deputy Minister also noted that along with the implementation of the State programme, the Ministry of infrastructure in cooperation with European partners is also implementing other programs to improve safety on the roads.

So, on 9 July 2018 between Ukraine and the European investment Bank signed a financial agreement on the project “improving the safety of roads in the cities of Ukraine”. “The project aims to create a safe environment for drivers of vehicles and pedestrians, reducing the number of accidents, restoration of urban infrastructure. The project involved 6 cities of Ukraine – Kiev, Odessa, Kharkiv, Kamenetz-Podolsk, Dnieper and Lvov. The total funding of the project is 177 million euros (75 million euros – funds from the EIB, € 75 million EBRD, the balance of funds of cities and other sources).

“Each city has developed a program of “zero fatalities “on the internationally recognized concept of “Vision Zero” and action plans for their implementation. The basic principle is the inadmissibility of fatal accidents, and as a result – reducing the number of injured and dead people on the roads. But unfortunately, until now this Agreement is not ratified. We hope that in the near future the newly elected Supreme Council will ratify the agreement that will pave the way for cities-participants of the project to the use of credit. Those are the things that could be done quickly, and today we would have felt them. But this did not happen because of the terrible red tape. Human life is the greatest value and we as a government must make every effort to preserve it”, – said Yuriy Lavrenyuk.