Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman said that in 5 days the Odessa customs has fulfilled the monthly plan.

“To combat smuggling, which the last couple of months is a lot of talk. Today I received information from the acting head of the GFS Miroslav Sold. In just 5 days the Odessa customs to ensure compliance with the monthly plan!”, – Prime wrote on his page on the social network Facebook on Wednesday.

According to him, this is the result of a special group that was sent last week on behalf of the Prime Minister.

“Last year we began preparations for a reform of the customs and I promised I will impose order there. Today the time has come for decisive actions and first results we got show what we have reserves – to overcome the smuggling and gray import, the content of the budget and the protection of the business, which develops our economy, and not drive it in the shadow scheme”, – said Vladimir Groisman .