Photo: Hackers are preparing for a new large-scale cyber attack

Analysts noted the increased activity of a group of hackers.

Ukrainian company prepares new cyber attack. This publication reports The Atlantic with reference to the head of the company Dragos Robert Lee, who had been two previous attacks.

Until November Dragos recorded little activity in the group, which was implicated in last year’s cyber attack. However, the last few weeks have seen unusually high activity groups.

“According to our estimates, would be quite logical to attack this month,” warns Lee.

It is possible that recorded a surge of activity may be the exploration, preparation for later surgery, or merely the intent to spread fear of future attacks .

Michael Assante, who led the investigation of the cyber attack of 2015, said that given the penchant for the incessant technological campaigns in Ukraine that took place in the context of the war in the East and the Russian annexation of Crimea, there is no certainty in the preparation of the attack.

“Criminals may begin the attack if confident that she will bring results, and will feel that the risk of disruption of their plans is quite low to continue,” said Assante.

In turn, Robert Lee, notes that the malware developers 2016 “sewed” a number of opportunities that, in the end, not been used during the attack.

“It looked more like a proof of concept or testing than the end result,” he says.

Attack researchers associated with Russian hackers cooperating with the government, although officially, the Kremlin denies any connection with the attacks.

“What concerns me most in Russia, it’s not their technology, but its audacity and willingness to cross the line,” said former Deputy Director of the national security Agency Chris Inglis.

We will remind, in Kiev does not preclude the recurrence of large-scale hacker attack. Note that only 10% of companies secured PCs.


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