The trip of the shaman in the Kremlin the power stopped at the distant approaches, but this is only the end of the first series.

The Russians, as usual, sitting, standing, lying, working, drinking, eating, yawned, scratched, and all this time he in the spring (daily passing 20 km) went to Moscow, to the Kremlin — “banish Putin.” Walk planned by 2021, and already — “army”. To him really joined the people and dogs (those that in a past life was bad monks say — in Transbaikalia with his Buddhism and shamanism). Slept in tents. Lit bonfires. And there was — as the African tribe from past centuries. As steadily, regardless of space, time and other circumstances, the animals are coming to drink. Something Russia has long been waiting for, just didn’t know what it will be like this.

Talked on the road with hundreds of drivers, with hundreds of people who came to him on its route, the movie with his sermons got over a million views.

Approaching Chita, recorded a video urging local people to come to a meeting where he will give a speech after which the audience will “come freedom”. With your city, he said, everything starts, there are uttered the magic words. And really gathered as written IA “Ru”, “the mass for the square of Labor from the time of assigning of the status of the Hyde Park protest action”.

And when he spoke, what should be the Russian government and ended every message with the same statement — “It’s the law!”, Chita — people, mostly living by the rules — a chorus echoed: “It’s the law!”. And he ended the speech as follows: “Now Putin is not the boss — live free!”

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Then on the way lay Buryatia, he already knew and was waiting, and there are spontaneous protests lasted for several days, although its direct role in them is debatable. Here it already started stop: the shamans-loyalists (“Tengeri”) was accused of violating shamanic traditions, the police detained the convoy — “Gazelle” with things travellers, the court issued 13 days of arrest to the driver for disobeying the police then detained another supporter…

He comes to lake Baikal, to the border of the far Eastern and Siberian districts, to the Irkutsk region, and then, near the village of Vydrino, in the early morning of 19 September it is enough armed people in masks. IVS from Ulan-Ude. Hereinafter, the plane to Yakutsk. The interior Ministry claimed that he was wanted for some crime in Yakutia. Meanwhile, in the database of wanted him there, and he is on the Federal road in the spring, it is not hiding.

He became the trigger of the protests, and in front was a troubled Irkutsk and Krasnoyarsk, next, Novosibirsk, Omsk…

To the names of influential people in Russia (whether canonized or criminal leaders) usually add a geographic location — at the place of their birth or work. Daniil of Achinsk and Samara Serge, Xenia of Petersburg and Konstantin Kansky, Matrona of Moscow and Dato Tashkent. The saints were before, now more and more thieves.

Yakut shaman (aka Sasha-Yakutia, he’s a shaman Sanya) like not a Saint, or Bandos, although with him to go to Moscow, and characters with rich experience of stints: for example, a very close companion was a Raven — young people and recidivist from Orenburg. Otherwise it could not be, given where and how the shaman was on his way. Desperate could not help but gather around.

Along with the criminal element, there are metaphysical, if you will, of God: Gabyshev, according to his confession, and suffered psychobolia, but recovered (such de and become shamans); for some he is a nerd, freak, crazy town, or just shaloput and the clown, for others — a hero, which means he is approaching the role, which in medieval Russia were playing fools. Their names also often added registration. Russian people saw in God’s people is largely the same as in the center, on the North and North-East Asia saw in shamans: mediators between us and the entities of the other world.

Illustration: Alexey Komarov/”Novaya Gazeta”

Yakut shaman became a phenomenon. But he had not as yet up to the image existing in the collective Russian mind, and not a criminal authority that revenge would be for the people, and not exactly blessed. But public interest in the figure and its stated intent of the request of the Russian society and the Holy fool — that will convict, stating for all the people, and someone who will establish order in the Kremlin, is obvious.

This is an Uzbek fairy tale “the Horned Iskander” and Georgian “the Horned king” is Andersen’s Harry Potter and Forrest Gump, and hobbling into Mordor, the hobbit, is one of the few stories that comprise humanity, each of us.

The king and the shepherd, the despot and the traveler, the naked king. This Testament of Christ — “be like children”. If there is anyone closer to God, if He who will bring it children or adults like povzroslevshie. It is in the archetypes, the myths, the fact of what we are composed and that, for example, always tried to rely on Hollywood. March of the Yakut shaman, in the past the janitor and welder is as yet no one has captured a highly artistic movie, but it certainly will be removed. And the episode when the power sensing in the phenomenon of the shaman Sled request companies not only foolish, but Emelyan and Stepan (or, say, Jeanne French or British Robin), stops it, not even the end of the first season, it is only the end of the first series. However, while it is possible to revise about the same “Suburb” of Lutsik and Samoryadov. Or pop “Nightingale the robber” Okhlobystin.

Simpleton (Yes, even foolishness) of offending is not accepted, especially the kings, especially pitting the oprichnina. From them to the king out of a sense of self-preservation is best to keep a distance, but better — run, because they, as it happens, the gunner. For them, it is God.

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The words are not enough rationality, for others it is obscurantism, paganism, the occult, let me remind you that we live in such a country, continue to live and think should be in these categories. No, look around: how Russia managed to turn into yourself today? What keeps this regime? What is not looks like gibberish or pure elevensies? The objective reality given us in sensation, defies logical comprehension and rational explanation — such approaches do not work. And then.

If there is present a trivial democracy and the rule of law, courts and elections, Parliament and domestic politics, the shaman-warrior Alexander Gabyshev just would not have appeared, and there was — it would not be noticed.

But it is, and this is an adequate response to the Kremlin’s irrationality and ritual propaganda. “The sorcerer caught his illusion of fear, depression all over the country, but the white wizard — like me — will is a delusion to dispel. Policies are useless, only witchcraft witchcraft,” explained Gabyshev, and now it is being discussed by all means, hit. So, gunner, God for him, or the people’s will.

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Of course, this is not Putin ordered to stop promising an epic hike of the shaman. The system is not working, it is guided by the principle of “what if something happens.” But for the head of state, so little interested in domestic policy and so much time conducting with old people, this campaign could not be a sign. And if one of the Kremlin towers-responsive uncomplicated — to send the gunners, then the other probably is thinking. (How could I forget: in Ulan-Ude relatives of a Buddhist Lama Dashi-Dorzho Itigelov, who was buried in 1927 and brought to the surface in 2002 (it is now 167 years old) showed me in the computer the Kremlin photographer, never published.

In the photo — Ivolginsky datsan, where since 2002, Itigilov is on the throne, and meeting with him, Dmitry Medvedev, at that time President. In the photo at Itigelov eyes open.

(I was told that sometimes he opens them.)

You can remember the Turmoil of Pushkin’s Godunov, or the role of another Siberian — Rasputin, but actually the most transparent analogy with the second half of the 80s. Request for change of the first vibration in the solidified and has long been padmanava system, the first emotion — spring 1986, at Yakutsk, in the spring of the current unrest there, waiting, as it was then formulated that “the province will save Russia”, the miners who are going to Moscow, extremely bred sects, esotericism–mysticism–occultism, offensive marginalia and wild fields; today’s time is cosplay 80s, promising cosplay 90s. Who hasn’t noticed this striking resemblance — down to the physical details, events, names?

And if Muscovites can be wished away with fat rage, the fifth column, the cookies at the state Department, etc., then what to do with the Siberian, Transbaikal men? It’s the same “Uralvagonzavod”, they “own” to the bone, they have exemplary Putin’s Russia — pahanat, looking for regions and industries, collecting money … Associates TM continued to go to Moscow, demanding his release and claiming on YouTube that “come from God”. On their flag is written “For the return of freedom in Russia” and “the way of the shaman”. Earlier, before the arrest Gabysheva, one of his fellow passengers, the inhabitant of Chita Andrew Dekhtyaruk broke-organized movement of “Free people” and went with these freed people to Moscow separately.

Alexey Tarasov, “the New newspaper”