Despite the aggression from the Russian Federation in the Azov sea and the Kerch Strait, the sea ports of Ukraine for the third year in a row demonstrate increased turnover, said the Deputy Minister of infrastructure, Yuriy Lavrenyuk.

“For 2016 – 2019 cargo handling at sea ports is increasing. So, in 2017, the turnover in the ports of Ukraine increased by 0.6% in 2018 2%, and for 6 months of 2019, compared to the same period in 2018 this figure reaches +13%. This year, the best performers are the seaports of the Black sea (121,1%), Nikolaev (119,5%), Odessa (112,3%), Reni (110,6%), Ust Dunaysk (218,3%), Kherson (of 131.2%) and South (120,3%)”.

According to the Deputy Minister of development of sea and river transport, Ministry of infrastructure during the years 2016-2019 have been a number of reforms and measures, namely:

  • for the first time in many years conducted dnouglubitelnye work in the seaports;
  • reduced rates of port charges by 20%;
  • created by the Maritime administration;
  • reformed the system of administrative services;
  • reorganized service of captains of seaports;
  • for the first time in sea ports, start pilot concession projects;
  • started the reconstruction of the Dnieper locks and dredging works on the rivers of Ukraine;
  • reformed system of navigational-hydrographic support of navigation on inland waterways;
  • successfully pass the audit of the International Maritime organization (IMO) and the European Agency for Maritime safety (EMSA)
  • restored control over the share of the State shipping company “black sea shipping company” in the authorized capital of SP “Lotus” of Vietnam;
  • restored the control over the real estate in Vienna, contributed to the authorized capital of OJSC “Ukrainian Danube shipping company”;
  • updated Marine doctrine for the period until 2035;
  • Ukraine’s accession to international conventions and more;

Yuriy Lavrenyuk noted that the infrastructure Ministry was the first Ministry, which is implementing a pilot concession projects at seaports. Thus, on 14 August 2019, the Government made a decision on the approval conditions and the beginning of the concession Kherson sea port and Specialized seaport “Olivia.” 1 September 2019 signed the orders on the announcement of concession tenders: “Ukraine’s President-Elect Vladimir Zelensky supports this idea and tasked the government and the Ministry of infrastructure spend in the January 1, 2020 pilot tenders for the concession of the seaports” Olivia “and” Kherson”. We all need to understand one thing that the state is not an effective Manager. The state should only perform the regulatory and Supervisory functions. That is, all state stevedores priori to be transferred or concession, or lease. Privatization is a utopia.”

According to Lavrenyuk, such as sea ports Mariupol and Berdyansk, now in connection with military aggression of the Russian Federation are in decline, you need to lease or concession: “the Concession payments will be by far more than the ports now listed in the state budget. The state will benefit from this. She gets more profit from the marine stevedores, the port develops, the investor invests in port infrastructure, equipment, etc., freight owners and carriers get extra power for your handling and reduce maintenance costs and time for processing goods, and ASD for its part only provides an appropriate condition of hydraulic structures, sufficient depth and safety of navigation in the Azov sea ports. All the more the state should not interfere. It’s such a win-win situation. All parties benefit. Now pilot projects are the ports of Olbia and Kherson, and then the new Minister of infrastructure Mr. Cricle already have projects for the future development and movement in this direction.”

Yuriy Lavrenyuk also stressed that equally important was the reorganization of the service of captains of seaports: “the Ministry of Infrastructure in cooperation with SE “ASPU “and with the participation of the Maritime administration developed a draft law on the division (distribution) of functions on realization of state policy in the field of Maritime safety. The purpose of this bill is the division of functions, aimed at implementing state policy in the field of Maritime security between officials of the Maritime administration, authorized to act on behalf of the state, and captains of sea ports, which are assigned the function of ensuring the safety of navigation in water area of sea ports of Ukraine. The implementation of the provisions of the Law will ensure the proper implementation of Marine administration functions for the implementation of state supervision (control) for security of seaports and promote a clear and transparent system of management of safety of navigation in the seaports of Ukraine and consistent with international requirements and regulations “.

In addition, according to the Deputy Minister, Maritime administration took another effective step in direction of reformation of Maritime industry – the opening of service centers of seafarers GP “Morrechservis”. 30 may 2019 in Odessa was opened the first center SE “Morrechservis”. Its purpose is to ensure convenience and accessibility of state services in the sphere of Maritime and river transport at the same location, from the passage of the state qualification Commission in the renewal documents, the seafarers ‘ identity documents, a certificate for the management of small and recreational craft, and the like. At the moment, except for Odessa, in Ukraine there is another such centre in Izmail, and September 12, 2019, in Kherson, a third. In 2019-2020 planned to open centers in Mariupol and Kiev.

According to Deputy Yury Lavrenyuk important achievement is the successful completion of Ukraine’s two “international exams” -Audit of the International Maritime organization (IMO) and the European Agency for Maritime safety (EMSA): “the Team of IMO auditors acknowledged a good level of legal regulation in the sphere of ensuring safety of navigation and protection of the marine environment. Ukraine has shown itself as a country-member of IMO, which is taking all the necessary measures to achieve the main goal – to become an advanced naval power. We have the chance”.

A great achievement of the Ministry of infrastructure Yury Lavrenyuk called the resumption of control over the share of the State shipping company “black sea shipping company” (GSK “CHMP”) in the equity of SP “Lotus” in Vietnam.

“The results of 3 years of work in 2018 was finally restored control over the share of black sea shipping company in the authorized capital of SP “Lotus”, which was lost in 2011. In particular, dividends received from activities SP “Lotus” for the period 2011-2016 years in the amount of $ 250,000, and they participated in the 34th and 35th meetings of the Board of SP “Lotus” and the negotiations with the leadership of the SP “Lotus”, the decision on distribution of profit of the enterprise “the Lotus” for 2017 and audit of activity of the enterprise in 2016 to the present. Also appointed as the representative of GSK “NMP” first Deputy General Director of JV “Lotus” and included two representatives of the GSK “NMP” to the Board of SP “Lotus”, – said the Deputy Minister.

In addition, the black sea sea shipping company managed to successfully return to the state property 17 properties in Odessa oblast, including: transmitting radio center, warehouses, a boarding house of veterans of the fleet, sailing school, residential and administrative premises. Successfully returned the ship “Lesozavodsk”, which is now rented training centers.

Yuriy Lavrenyuk also noted the successful resumption of control over the properties in p. of Vienna (Austria), which contributed to the authorized capital of private JSC “Ukrainian Danube shipping company”.

“PJSC” UDP “successfully asserted their property in Austria in the dispute with the Russian Federation. The Russians persistently tried through the courts to usurp the 3000 square meters of land with two buildings in the exclusive district of Vienna, near the Embassy of Ukraine in Austria. PJSC” UDP ” in many years of legal battles, lost all instances. But in February 2018 with the support of the Ministry of Infrastructure of PJSC “UDP” appealed to the Supreme court of Austria. January 22, 2019 decision of the Supreme court of Austria overturned the decision of first and second instance under the claim of the Russian Federation. This is a great victory for Ukraine and the Maritime industry as a whole “, – said Yuriy Lavrenyuk.

In addition, with the support of the Ministry of infrastructure, Ukrainian Danube shipping company successfully won the court for compulsory liquidation of the main Agency in Hungary, thereby retaining the property in Budapest, which was claimed by Russia, and ensure operability of the fleet of the UDP on the Hungarian section of the Danube.

Yuriy Lavrenyuk also drew special attention to the increase in freight volumes along the rivers of Ukraine. According to him, in 2013 the volume of freight transport on the Dnieper river amounted to 3500000 tons, and in 2018 this figure increased to 10 million tons. In January-July 2019 the volume of cargo transportation on the Dnieper river increased by 31.5% compared to the same period in 2018: “According to our forecasts, the volume of traffic on the river will increase and the Ministry of infrastructure already has ambitious targets to increase this figure over 3 years to 30 million tons per year. Need to transfer goods from road to river transport “.

According to the Deputy Minister in Ukraine for the first time in many years started the dredging of the Dnieper and repair of the gateways of the Dnieper cascade. This year the financing of the state enterprise “ukrvodshlyakh” is a record 163 300 000 UAH. This amount is 4 times more than the amount allocated in the last 10 years. “Our goal is to make this funding is not a point but a system. Therefore, we expect that in the near future the Verkhovna Rada will consider the draft law” On internal water transport “, which we will set clear rules of the game on the river and identify clear sources of funding for the development of the river. the potential of the Dnieper river is huge: we can combine TNT-T routes, we can restore the silk road and the Maritime route E-40, which connects the Baltic and the Black sea, and more. The Ministry of infrastructure is ready to actively cooperate with the deputies for the speedy enactment of this bill and many other “, – said Lavrenyuk.