Foreign investors in 2016, has invested in the Ukrainian economy $4,406 billion direct investment (FDI) in the form of share capital, which is 17.1% more than in 2015, reported the State statistics service Tuesday.

In the fourth quarter of 2016, the volume of investments of FDI in Ukraine fell by about half compared with the fourth quarter of 2015 to $0.6 billion.

The Department indicates that almost 70% of total income goes to Russian Federation – us $1,667 billion, Cyprus – $0,428 billion, UK – $0,404 billion, Netherlands – $0,255 billion, Austria – $0.25 bn.

At the same time in the message of the state statistics service, in a break with tradition, there are no data on the withdrawal of investment, exchange rate difference and, accordingly, the outcome indicator of FDI stock. These data will be made public only on March 30, according to the publication .

The Agency only said that in 2016 the direct investment in Ukraine made investors in 77 countries, including from EU countries came to $1,972 billion, or almost 45% of the total investment.

The sectoral structure specifies state statistics service, the largest investments were made in financial and insurance sphere– $2,825 billion, wholesale and retail trade – $0,525 billion industry – $0,475 billion.

At the same time volume of direct investments of the Ukrainian enterprises-residents 2016 decreased by 25.8% compared to the year 2015 to $20.7 million They were sent to 15 countries, including Cyprus – $7.5 million, British virgin Islands – $7.3 million, Austria and Russia – at $1.6 million.

The largest investments were made by enterprises of the industry of $8.4 million, wholesale and retail trade – $7.6 million, transport, warehousing, postal and courier activities – $2.2 million

As reported, the volume of FDI in Ukraine in the form of share capital on October 1, 2016, was $45,152 billion, $2.62 billion, or 6.2%, higher than the figure at the beginning of the year. According to the state statistics service, the non-residents in January-September of last year increased its investments in Ukraine to $3.8 billion, and at the same time, having withdrawn only $0,46 billion, negative foreign exchange difference for the period amounted to $0,66 billion.

These data are significantly higher than in January-September 2015, when non-residents invested $2.55 billion, withdrew $0,52 billion, and a negative exchange rate difference amounted to $3.65 billion