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MOSCOW, July 19. /TASS/. Adopted by the Japanese Parliament amendments to the law “On special measures to promote the solution to the problem of Northern territories” (so in Japan called the southern Kuril Islands – approx. TASS) create obstacles for further talks on joint economic activities on southern Kuriles. This is stated in a statement on Thursday comments by the Russian foreign Ministry .

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“The enacted bill, joint economic activity directly linked to the false thesis about the “original facilities” in Japan the South Kuril Islands and de facto is in line with the measures “early return of the Northern territories”, – said the Russian foreign Ministry. – We see this as not that other, as attempt to prejudge the outcome of those negotiations, to impose unacceptable solutions to the problem of a peace Treaty”.

The Ministry stressed that the southern part of the Kuril Islands belongs to the Russian Federation on the lawful bases following the Second world war and the Russian sovereignty over it is indisputable. “We regret that the measures taken by the Japanese parliamentarians step creates serious obstacles for the further negotiations on joint business,” added the Ministry.

“It is unclear why Japanese lawmakers needed to pull the light to update the legal act adopted in the era of far from the friendship and cooperation bilateral relations with Moscow, particularly at a time when relations between countries are dynamically developing in line with the decisions of the leaders of Russia and Japan – said in depodesta. – Moreover, the amendments directly contradicted the agreements reached at the highest level on the establishment of joint economic activities on southern Kuriles, including in the interests of creating an atmosphere of trust and cooperation between our countries”.

Moscow and Tokyo are consulting on joint economic activities on southern Kuriles in five areas – aquaculture, greenhouse agriculture, tourism, wind energy and recycling. Such undertakings of the parties consider as a step towards concluding a peace Treaty. However, as noted in Japan, while they differ in how to implement such projects. Russia believes that it must be done within the framework of its legislation, and the Japanese side proposes to create a special legal system.