Pavlo Klimkin



Business news: Pavlo Klimkin expressed regret about spoiled holiday many Ukrainians and offered to check the airlines and tour operators.

The company, through whose fault the Ukrainian tourists were not able to depart from a number of countries should be punished accordingly, said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin.

“We need not just to sanitize the consequences of such outrages, and, finally, to pay attention to the reasons that cause them. The company, which caused the collapse of the tourist, must answer for it. A thorough and comprehensive audit of need to find out why they do not fulfill the terms of the licences and whether they are generally run… unfortunately, there is reason to doubt that some of them perform, they are generally not capable and in pursuit of profits took the obviously very heavy obligations,” the Minister wrote on his page in Facebook on Monday .

“Ukrainian diplomats are doing and will do anything to alleviate their situation. I hope that wherever possible their contribution to the solution of the crisis will make other departments”, – said P. Klimkin

The diplomat said that on may 22, Ukraine’s foreign Ministry held a special meeting with representatives of other involved organizations on the possible risks. “Participants complained about the lack of power. First of all, authority to check your airlines and tour operators, the conditions obtained licenses,” – said the Minister.

As reported a few days hundreds of Ukrainian tourists can not fly from Tunisia to Ukraine.

The Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian wrote on the page in Facebook that the situation is due to a significant debts of tour operator Oasis to the airline. According to the results of the agreements reached, the tour operator has pledged, at its expense, to place all Ukrainian tourists in hotels of Tunisia until Monday, July 2.

Monday, July 2, Ukrainian airline “Bravo” reported that from-for formed debts of tour operator Oasis in the amount of 25 million UAH on Monday, perform five humanitarian flights from Tunis to Kiev and Lviv for the delivery of around 850 passengers.

Monday, July 2, from Tunisia flew the first of five aircraft with Ukrainian tourists on Board who previously were not able to return home.