Yulia Zhuravok will not start at the biathlon world Championships.

The coach of the female national team of Ukraine on biathlon Valery Foresters spoke about the team’s preparation for an individual race in the world championship in Antholz-Anterselva

“Who will run the individual race, decided yesterday. Only today did specify the group. Analyzed weather, and made sure the time is changing the state of the snow on the highway. With this in mind, and set the girls.”

“In the first and second group of Valentina Semerenko and Vita Semerenko, the third – Yulia Jim, in the fourth – Anastasiya Merkushyna. We immediately decided that Olena Pidhrushna is preparing for a classic relay. Let her rest and recover.

All the girls are in good physical condition, so our backup fighter Yulia Zhuravok while just practicing. She starts in Antholz, though yesterday after the race at the IBU Cup she was brought here. The team went home and we took Julia to him.

In a single relay we look forward to Anastasia Merkushin. But wait, there is time. Most importantly, to avoid health problems. In a classic relay will not beforehand. Let him run the race, and then the condition will be solved”, – quotes Lesnikova UA:Biathlon.

Individual race among women at the world Cup will be held today, February 18, and will begin at 15:15 Kyiv time.

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