Today, April 2, employees of the security Service of Ukraine together with the police raided and searched in the capital House of trade Unions, but their intentions were thwarted by people who illegally took control of the room.

In the last three months the House of unions in Kiev was the use of individuals who call themselves veterans of the battalion “Donbass”, reports “Диалог.UA” .

The building tried to enter the law enforcement officers and Director of the Association of trade unions, but the attempt was unsuccessful: the so-called “ATO veterans” barricaded in the room.

The details of the incident told the head of Department of SBU for protection of national statehood of the Roman Matkiwsky.

It is unknown how many there is because people just refused to cooperate with the police.

“In the area under investigations . They are employees of national police, bomb experts and other experts, who must establish that three months have accumulated in this room until it was beyond the control of its owners,” explained Matkiwsky.

The confrontation between the so-called “ATO veterans” who staged an economic blockade of the breakaway republics of Donbass, and the Ukrainian authorities entered the “hot phase”. Arsen Avakov gave the go-ahead to shoot the radicals.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, and Western Ukraine, who fought in the Donbas radicals held hostage dozens of people.