Photo: Stanislav Krasilnikov/TASS

Chunsheng said in an interview with “Soviet sport”, that the cause of the injury was the fatigue of the players. Including this explains the serious injuries that received Roman Zobnin, Artem Timofeev and George Tigiyev.

“Nobody attacked, contact with the opponent, Spartacus was not, and leg tucks and ligaments are torn. This occurs most often when a player is very tired physically. The muscles are tired, ligaments and tendons do not hold joints. Why do most injuries in football occur after 60-65 minutes of the match? Because at this time the most affected by the fatigue,” said Liu Junsheng.

According to Juhana, that in “Spartacus” so many injured players, blame the coaches who are responsible for physical training, including the Italian coach Giorgio D’urbano. “When the coach was a Spaniard, Javier, the team was better prepared than now . He is now working in “Spartacus”, but I heard that he is not now the chief on physical preparation, and the Italians who came in the summer. I don’t know exactly, but judging by the matches, the team was overloaded. The first half is running well, and the second bad move. This can be seen in many games: Anzhi, CSKA, “Tosno”, “Dynamo”, “Locomotive”, “Maribor”. In the end always tired. Do you mean wrong in the summer worked on the collection”, — concluded the doctor.