David Bentley

© ITAR-TASS/ Ruslan shamukov

MOSCOW, March 8. /TASS/. The former midfielder of the Russian football club “Rostov” the Englishman David Bentley stated that he did not see problems in Russia with the fans. The words of the athlete results in the publication The Sun.

32-year-old Bentley, who retired in 2013, played for “Rostov” from September to December 2012 and became the first English player in the championship of Russia.

“I can tell you that I did not see in Russia any problems with the fans,’ said Bentley. Is a very nice city (Rostov-on-don ), they’re like karaoke, it is in every bar, I walked there every day. There is a beautiful promenade with cafes and bars along it planted a lot of trees. All prejudices that you have against Russia, you can throw them out the window, it’s a beautiful place.”

On Thursday, “Rostov” in the first match of 1/8 finals of the Europa League will play with English “Manchester United” in Rostov – on-don. Bentley has shared expectations from the match and expressed his opinion about the stadium “Olympus-2”, a field which has been criticized by the head coach of the English team, Jose Mourinho.

“This arena is similar to the old English stadium – said Bentley. – The new stadium being built for the 2018 world Cup, looks amazing, but, really, the field can create difficulties for “Manchester United”. They should not be underestimated, “Rostov”, they beat Bayern, and nobody really knows them.”