Alain Juppe



Photo: Twitter

Former Prime Minister Alain Juppe has decided not to take part in the presidential elections in France.

Former Prime Minister Alain Juppe refused to become a candidate for the presidency from the Republicans in the event of failure of françois Fillon. About it reports Reuters.

“Former Prime Minister Alain Juppe said on Monday that he once and for all decided not to participate in the presidential elections in France, dashing the hopes of many in his conservative party, whose current candidate facing defeat because of the scandal,” – said in the message.

According to 71-year-old incumbent mayor of the city of Bordeaux, for it is already too late to run for President, uniting around itself the Republican forces. He also stressed that people need new faces .

As you know, the corruption scandal around the candidate in presidents of France from the Republicans françois Fillon has undermined his chances of winning, though he did not intend to withdraw his candidacy from the election.