SHANGHAI, may 2. /Offset. TASS Ivan Kargapoltsev/. Former Vice-Governor of East China’s Anhui province Chen Shulun expelled from the Communist party of China (CPC) and removed from his public office for serious disciplinary violations. About it it is told in published on Tuesday a joint statement, the Central Committee of CPC for discipline inspection and Ministry of supervision of China.

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Internal party investigation on suspicion of serious disciplinary violations have been commenced in respect of Chen Shulun last year . The test showed, the statement said that the former official used his official position for personal gain and provided to third parties promotional services business for remuneration. The document also criticized the “moral values and worldview” Chen Shulun that are not compatible with public service. The Central Commission for CPC discipline inspection and Ministry of supervision of China adopted the decision to transfer the case of a former official to the judicial authorities for further investigation.

Allegations of serious disciplinary violations or breaches of the party code of conduct usually mean that officials suspected of corruption. In China such cases against party and government officials are investigating the first inter-party Commission and then the materials are transferred to a civilian court.

The fight against corruption in China has been intensified since coming to power in 2012, the “fifth generation” of leaders headed by President XI Jinping. Over the past few years as a result of large-scale anti-corruption campaign, a large number of officials at various levels lost their jobs and were sent to jail.