Discovered a supermassive black hole expelled from its galaxy

Black hole was ejected due to powerful gravitational waves.

An international group of scientists were able to detect a supermassive black hole that was expelled from our own galaxy. The black hole mass exceeds the sun a billion times, it is removed from its galaxy at a speed of 7.6 million kilometers per second, reports NASA.

The speed of its movement is so high that allows to overcome the distance from Earth to the moon in three minutes.

Currently, the black hole has moved a distance of more than 35 thousand light years from the galactic center. Under assumptions of astronomers, extruded it was due to powerful gravitational waves.

Scientists suggest that once a black hole leaves its galaxy, it will be a long wander in the intergalactic space. To stop it maybe just a meeting with another galaxy, which will be large enough and will stop her attraction .

The expulsion of the black hole from its galaxy astronomers explained the recent merger of the two galaxies. It also is the merger of two black holes with a powerful “impact” of gravitational waves. In this case it was so strong that the hole was thrown out of the galaxy.