Photo: a frame from the video of the Destroyer USS Johnston

Found a US destroyer sunk by the Japanese during the Second world war. And off the coast of Malta has found a sunken British submarine.

Scientists from the expedition vessel RV Petrel said that he found the wreckage of the destroyer USS Johnston (DD-557), which sank in the battle of Leyte Gulf. About it reports Fox News.

All that remains of a large ship is piles of metal. Experts were able to identify in them the destroyer only by circumstantial evidence. The destroyer was discovered at a depth of 6200 meters. The battle of Leyte is one of the largest naval battles.

Despite attempts, including by using the first kamikaze, the Japanese failed to destroy the allied forces near Leyte. USS Johnston was one of the main characters of the battle, because engaged in battle with the superior forces of the enemy and was sunk. Of the 327 people who were on Board survived only 141.

Scientists hope that this discovery “will bring a sense of finality to the families of those killed during this battle.”

The researchers also discovered the sunken British submarine HMS Urge that on April 27, 1942 went with Malta in the direction of Alexandria, but disappeared along the way. On Board were 32 crew members and 12 passengers.

According to Reuters, the submarine was discovered by representatives of the University of Malta, who resumed the search at the request of the grandson of the commander of HMS Urge. Using sonar, they recorded the image of the submarine about 3 km from the coast of Malta at a depth of 130 meters.

Inspection of the submarine confirmed the version about the fact that she sank as a result of a mine explosion.

“The damage of the bow indicates a very strong explosion. The ship sank very quickly, without a chance to survive in this tragedy. Not counting the bow, the wreck is in excellent condition. It lies on the seabed very proudly – in the direction of Alexandria, where he was ordered to go” – quoted by Professor Timmy Gambin, who led the search mission.

The UK Ministry of defence confirmed that the wreck is HMS Urge.

Earlier it was reported that at the bottom of the sea found its first aircraft carrier, shot down a Japanese kamikaze. The aircraft carrier was destroyed during the RAID – the first successful attack of a kamikaze pilot on a U.S. Navy ship during the Second world war.

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