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The described method kills all studied for 40 years, the virus, but is dangerous to humans.

National laboratory of infectious diseases at Boston University have found a way to kill the coronavirus for a few seconds. It is reported by Biospace.

Experts conducted a study, during which it became known that the far ultraviolet radiation can completely destroy the pathogen.

Microbiologist Anthony Griffiths with a team of scientists conducted an experiment, treating coronavirus contaminated with material of different doses of ultraviolet radiation.

It turned out that the dosage of 5 MJ/cm2 eliminates 99% of pathogens in six seconds. Effect on the virus for 25 seconds with a radiation dose of 22 MJ/cm2 completely destroys it.

The scientists noted that the ultraviolet lamp 13 Watts can clear a room of 15 square metres of coronavirus infection.

Experts emphasize, all the studied viruses are killed when exposed to far ultraviolet radiation, but it is also dangerous to humans.

Earlier it was reported that scientists have discovered how long does the immunity to COVID-19. The Correspondent also wrote that scientists have proposed a way to block SARS-CoV-2 without medication.

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