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According to the current hypothesis, during the Neoproterozoic era the Earth is almost entirely covered with glaciers.

Experts have discovered how some species of living being could survive during ancient ice age. This writes

In the canadian McGill University found evidence that during the “total” ice age animals managed to survive in the ocean. Previously it was thought that life in this period was possible only on the surfaces of glaciers and puddles.

According to the hypothesis, about 625-850 million years ago the Earth was completely frozen, and the oceans were cut off from oxygen.

Scientists have studied rocks left from the glaciers in Namibia, Australia and California. It turned out that in those places where the glacier did not get to the bottom of it melting releasing oxygen into the water.

Experts will continue to study, to learn, as in the days of the ice age was supported by the food chain.

Earlier it was reported that on Earth recorded-meter tsunami. Also the Correspondent wrote that it was proved the absence of objective reality.

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