Scientists have proved experimentally the effectiveness of exercise on recovery of stem cells.

In Medical school Stanford scientists have proven that physical activity restores the muscles of the heart. This was reported in the journal Nature Metabolism.

The researchers conducted an experiment involving laboratory mice. It was involved in rodents the age of 20 and 34 months, which is equivalent to 60-70 years and 20-30 years in humans.

Mouse from the senior group that had access to a running wheel ran the night before 5 miles, and young – 10 kilometers. Physical activity did not affect the formation of new muscle fibers.

While the muscles of the heart began to recover better, but only in old mice.

Scientists have linked this effect with the rejuvenation of muscle stem cells. They are responsible for the recovery of damaged tissues, and lose their function with age.

It turned out that an artificial increase in the expression of molecules cyclin D1, and activates the muscle stem cells in response to damage. This discovery can serve as the basis for the creation of drugs that enhance tissue regeneration.

Earlier it was reported that alcohol and extra weight contribute to longevity. Also the Correspondent wrote that the color of the hair is associated with life expectancy.

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