For the first time found an animal, unable to breathe, and living without oxygen. It’s a distant relative of the jellyfish – Henneguya salminicola.

Scientists have discovered an animal that can live without oxygen. This – Henneguya salminicola. He’s a distant relative of jellyfish, representative of a class of Myxozoa – parasitic invertebrates. His hosts there may be fish or worms that live under water, says Science Alert.

Henneguya salminicola does not waste energy on the maintenance of their own mitochondria. He just “steal” molecules of ATP (the universal energy source for all biochemical processes occurring in living systems, in particular for the formation of enzymes) in the host.

Note previously, scientists believed that no oxygen could exist only single-celled eukaryotes. However, experts have proven that they can not breathe and more complex organisms.

As previously reported, by 2070 may disappear one third of animals and plants.

We also wrote that an unidentified toothy creature found in Mexico. The mysterious animal was discovered by a company of local residents on the shores of the Mexican Peninsula of Punta Mita.

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