Sartarius Quintus, the Roman General, in the 1st century reported that Sara – tomb Anthea, who was killed by Hercules, according to the Russian Dialogue. By order of the commander was excavated graves, where he found the remains of a man with the height of 25 meters.

These archaeological excavations were conducted in the 1930-ies and 1970-ies. However, they found no trace of burial giant.

Now the stone circle consists of 168 stones having a diameter of 55 meters. The tall, phallic shaped, reaching a height of 5 meters. In the center is a mound. Experts immediately drew attention to the fact that the circle Soro similar in structure to the stone circles in England.

The purpose of this circle still remains for scientists a riddle. Maybe it was an astrological calendar, and a map of the Earth. However, the main issue of concern to researchers, the “quality” of the circle. It is very similar to the European megaliths, and it is possible that it was created by immigrants from Europe.

Most interesting is that the archaeologists are also unable to establish the exact Dating of the circle Sora.

Previously, we reported that at the bottom of lake Constance in Switzerland, scuba divers have discovered ancient rocks that look like the English Stonehenge.

We will remind, in the woods near Togliatti, a local resident found a strange pentagram, made up of skulls of animals.