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The crowd stormed the turnstiles before entering the arena, what was the cause of the tragedy.

Yesterday at the National stadium in Tegucigalpa, capital of Honduras, the tragedy occurred.

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In the second final match of the national championship (a title holder is defined in two crucial matches) between the capital “Motagua” and “El Progreso” thousands of fans of the owners came in order to see how the “Motagua” will draw the championship (the first match the team won 4:1).

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As it turned out, the game sold too many tickets. 35-seat national stadium would not be able to accommodate everyone, according to Marca. The crowd of those who do not have time to get on the podium before the match, stormed the turnstiles and police used water cannons and tear gas . In the ensuing panic and stampede injured almost 20 people: 2 fans died on the spot, 2 died in hospital from his injuries. 15 people were in the hospital with tear-gas inhalation and injuries received during the stampede.