Photo: Facebook Donatas Petraitis hospital In Zurich on the sleeping patient was attacked by a Fox

A Fox entered the house and bit the sleeping patient’s hand. The attending staff immediately rendered assistance to the injured.

In the hospital of Zurich on sleeping in the hospital the patient was attacked made his way to the hospital Fox. As a result, the woman received minor injuries from bites.

As the channel Tele Top, the incident occurred last week. Fox “has got at night into the house through an open door and attacked a sleeping woman”. The patient received “minor injuries caused by the bite.”

Zurich inspector fauna after this incident, ordered the hospital to close at night doors and Windows in the wards. In addition, employees, patients and their relatives were informed about the prohibition to feed wild animals. It turned out that until the current emergency is Fox not once approached the hospital staff “at a dangerous distance”.

As stated by the official representative of the parks Service Zurich Lucas Handlin, “the animals are less afraid of people who feed them”. Therefore it is impossible to feed the foxes, and Vice versa – they should scare. “If that fails, you want the shooting”, – concluded the expert.

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