Macron does not believe in the Chinese data on coronavirus

The British foreign Secretary Dominic Raab and French President Emmanuel macron questioned the data of the pandemic in China.

France and Britain joined the point of view of the President of the United States Donald trump in the matter doubts about the credibility of data on the flash COVID in China, the Financial Times reports.

In an interview with francuskiego Emmanuel macron has openly declared that he did not believe in the sincerity of Chinese colleagues who voiced their relation to the data about the pandemic in the country.

“Let’s not be so naive to believe that they have coped with the epidemic much better. We don’t know. Obviously, we do not know the whole picture,” said macron.

He added that the denial of democratic freedoms in the fight against the pandemic would threaten Western democracy.

“We can’t accept. You cannot renounce their fundamental DNA of the crisis in the health sector,” he added.

According to the Daily Mail, such a statement was made by Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain Dominique Raab.

“There is no doubt that after this crisis, we can’t do business as before. We have to set (China – ed.), complex questions about the origin of the virus and how it can be stopped earlier,” he said.

A British diplomat noted that to answer the question of the origin COVID-19 you will need a “deep dive” under the guidance of scientists.

Recall that Donald trump has accused China in pandemic coronavirus and concealing data about the infected.

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