France should conduct its own
foreign policy without succumbing to the influence of her allies, as soon as possible
to cancel disadvantageous to her sanctions against Russia, said in the material
Boulevard Voltaire,
passed Inotv translation, Jacques Miyar, French politician and former MP Natssobraniya. In his
view, Crimea has always been Russian, and the policy of economic pressure on Moscow
only pushes her to the Union with an aggressive Beijing.

Expressing his approval of the meeting of Emmanuel
Rules and Vladimir Putin Breganzona, held on the eve of the G7 summit,
Explorer Boulevard Voltaire Jacques Miyar called urgently to remove
sanctions against Russia, which are contrary to the economic, political,
cultural and diplomatic interests of France.

French politician wonders how
sanctions may force Russia to change its policy in Crimea, if it is “in
the entity was Russian since Catherine the great”. According to him, it is “the geostrategic
error”, about which the French should know. As recalled by Miyar in
the time of the Crimean war of 1854-1856 years France has lost 100 thousand soldiers on the field
fight and as a result of the disease. At the Paris peace Treaty Russia refused
from all claims to the territory of the Ottoman Empire, however, he was not questioned
Crimea belongs to Russia.

Regarding the position of Moscow in the Ukrainian
the question, it is fundamentally different as there is freedom of action in
negotiations with Kiev to guarantee the Ukrainians the integrity of their

The main question is, in the opinion of the author,
is whether France will pursue an independent foreign policy and
to throw off the shackles of multilateral sanctions. Miyar emphasizes that Russia is
part of the European balance and it is impossible to ensure peace in Europe. At that
the “ghetto” sanctions, pushing the country into the arms of Beijing, aggressive
tendencies which are more evident in Hong Kong.

The “big seven” must take
Russia and again to become the “Big eight”, — the politician. In
the conclusion of his article at Boulevard Voltaire, he stressed that only
the French government could protect the special interests of France, which
not be confused with the interests of other States, especially allies.

Previously in France
said how important the mission was
The macron during a meeting with Putin.

We will remind, in France
urged to exchange
USA on Russia. The Makron expressed in Russian what he thinks about Russia.