The Minister of sports of France Laura Flessel

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The Minister of sports of France Laura Flessel said that the country may miss the winter Olympics in South Korea, if the athletes will not be guaranteed safety. The game will be held February 9-25 in Pyeongchang.

“If we are not assured of complete security of sportsmen of an Olympic team of France, we’re not going to South Korea. Don’t want to put the team in danger. Now we continue to monitor the situation together with the Ministry of foreign Affairs” — quoted by the AFP Flessel.

Speaking at the UN General Assembly on 19 September, the US President Donald trump said that his country could “completely destroy” North Korea. According to him, the US will have no choice, if North Korea will continue to threaten Americans and their allies. In early August, the new sanctions against North Korea imposed the UN security Council . Such measures were introduced after in July, Pyongyang launched two Intercontinental ballistic missiles.