Friend actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, which is now struggling with brain cancer, Julia Zavgorodneva noted that the choice of Poland fell not by accident, reports the Russian Dialogue with reference to

According to Zavgorodniy, Anastasia hid his disease and did not want anyone to know about her condition, and therefore chose Poland, where her few know.

“Anastasia didn’t want to advertise their condition. To her it was comfortable to be in a place where she knew no one, so she chose this country, remained in Moscow. My parents knew her diagnosis, but did not tell me the details so as not to upset,” said friend.

Zavgorodneva also noted that at the moment as Anastasia is not critical and its body is constantly fighting the disease. Also, a friend of the star confirmed the information that the car crash there was a huge chance for recovery.

Recall now Anastasia Zavorotnyuk has a real chance of recovery and her family had no comment, so as not to jinx these positive changes in her condition.

Doctors were able to significantly reduce brain edema, and then Anastasia Zavorotnyuk brought out of a medically-induced coma. Now she is with family in the ward of the therapeutic Department. The patient continues to provide the necessary treatment

As previously reported, the Russian dialogue, the friend of car crash received a letter with important information about her condition. Netizens were impressed heard.

It is also known that friend said on the last journey with Zavorotnyuk. It is worth noting that while Anastasia did not know that she is terminally ill.