May 9 Sergei Dorenko fell from the motorcycle and later died. Footage from the scene of the accident published a public “MATAMOSKA.Accident” the social network “Vkontakte”, reports “Russian conversation”.

In mass media there were chatting about the fact that after falling from the vehicle, the journalist survived clinical death.

The incident occurred on Nikoloyamskaya street this Thursday near the Earthworks. According to preliminary information, Dorenko could not cope with the management. According to the second version, he became ill behind the wheel.

Doctors tried to help the victim, but were unable to save his life. It should be noted that in the social network immediately with the photos of the accident there were reports of the death of the driver.

A few days earlier in Dagestan following the death of Tamilla Abdulaeva. Leading local TV channel, first, fell under the wheels of the car. She was later taken away by the ambulance, it got in an accident.

Earlier in Thailand on a motorcycle crashed tourists from Russia.