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Photo: Facebook

World news: the Night 524 Ukrainian tourists back from Turkey Antalya home.

The head of the consular Directorate of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vasily Kirilich said in his Twitter.

“The Consul reports that from Antalya to Ukraine – Kiev, Vinnitsa, Rivne – during the night returned 524 Ukrainian. Well, that all came back. But this story should not be repeated,” wrote Kirilich.

Hundreds of Ukrainian tourists can not fly from Turkey

As reported, on 10 July at the international airport “Kiev” to them.Sikorsky (Zhuliany) again delay the flight, in particular, Egypt. Mostly delayed flights SkyUp. According to the tour operator, flights cancelled or postponed for technical reasons. SkyUp noted that all passengers who can not fly to Ukraine, provided with housing in Egypt and have no complaints .