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Photo: Twitter

Ukraine news: More than 200 Ukrainian tourists, who were unable to fly from Egypt Hurghada to Lviv on July 28, have returned to Ukraine.

Ukrainian tourists that day expected the flight home from the Egyptian resort of Hurghada, flew to Ukraine.

Comments about this hromads’ke press-Secretary of the tour operator Join Up Ekaterina Reznichenko.

“At 11:30 the Ukrainians flew from Egypt and already we have to fly to Lviv,” said Reznichenko.

The company said that the cause of flight delays has become the tyre of a plane and for replacing the wheel was transported from Ukraine.

“If the delay is the fault of the airline, the accommodation is paid by the airline. But the tour operator usually reacts more actively and incurs expenses,” said press Secretary Join Up.

Tourists had to return home on July 28. In Egypt they settled in the hotel and provided with meals .

To Join Up noted that due to the delay of the flight from Hurghada is automatically delayed and other flights, but did not specify which ones.

As reported, on June 29, hundreds of Ukrainian tourists were blocked at airports in several countries. For several hours, and even days, people waited at airports Tunisia, Albania, Georgia, and also in the airport “Kiev”. Delays occurred due to airline Bravo Airways, which explained the flight delays for several days non-payment of funds by the tour operator. The latter pleaded not guilty.

As you know, after the scandalous situation due to the significant delays, the Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian July 3, held a meeting with representatives of the Ukrainian tour operators and airlines.