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From late February to early April April 2017 Chechen security forces detained men suspected of homosexual orientation, keeping them in illegal detention, tortured them. Then fled from Chechnya to other regions of Russia continue to face risk of persecution. This is stated in the report, “they Have long arms and they will find me. A roundup of gay men in Chechnya in the spring of 2017,” the human rights organization Human rights watch, which contains an interview of victims, journalists, documenting all the raids, and representatives of the Russian organization for LGBT rights.

The report States that the exact number of trapped under the RAID can’t be set, but, apparently, it’s more than a hundred people.

The local law enforcement agencies kept suspected gays in several illegal points where kept, and other “informal” detainees, mostly alleged supporters of the militants and alleged drug users . There are victims of raids on gay humiliated, beaten and repeatedly tortured with electric shocks. Other prisoners are also encouraged and sometimes forced to participate in beatings and abuse.

Former detainees told me that he learned about the death of at least three people caught in a RAID. According to them, all three security officers returned to relatives in critical condition; it seems that one died, two others were allegedly killed by relatives.

After the illegal detention and torture of detainees was returned to the relatives, and at least some of them were still subjected to the humiliating procedure of the forced “confession and repentance” before the older men of the family (who were mainly fathers, uncles and brothers). Then the authorities shamed relatives because in their family there were “black sheep”, and forced the family to turn to shame disgraced her person. All this contributes to the creation of preconditions for violence from the family up to honour killings.
There is reason to believe that several people in the result of this operation, anti-gay, lost his life. As of the end of may, new cases of illegal detention was not reported, however, several detainees informed, presumably, are still in illegal detention.

The head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov claims that no raids were not, however, there is evidence, including the victims, that they were sanctioned by the Republican leadership. It seems that a key role in the organization of “cleansing” of the Republic from gay played the President of the Parliament of the Chechen Republic Magomed Daudov.

At least two former detainees have alleged that Magomed Daudov had been in illegal detention in Argun and personally witnessed police beating and humiliating suspected gays, accompanying it with my own offensive remarks.

“This organized mass roundup of gays in Chechnya itself is unprecedented, says Rachel Denber, Deputy Director of the “human rights watch” for Europe and Central Asia. But the illegal methods used by local security forces, acting with almost absolute impunity, we are well familiar on former campaigns to clean up the Republic from “undesirable elements.”

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