The Airport Of Chisinau

In Transnistria called the hostile actions of Moldova aimed at the restriction of international contacts of the unrecognized Republic.

In a press-service “the Ministry of foreign Affairs” unrecognized Transnistria reported that representatives of law enforcement agencies of Moldova detained in the airport of Chisinau Deputy head of the analytical center under the government of Russia Gleb Pokatovich traveling from Moscow to Tiraspol.

According to the “Ministry”, Pokatovich few hours had been deported.

The report notes that his visit to Tiraspol was planned in the framework of intergovernmental cooperation of Pridnestrovie and Russia in the field of financial-economic audit .

“Frequent in recent months, the deportations peacekeepers, scientists, experts, journalists, diplomats and other representatives of the Russian Federation and other States, following in the Transnistrian Moldovan Republic, regard as the continuation of the Republic of Moldova hostile strategy to total restriction of international contacts of Pridnestrovie,” − said the press service of “Ministry”.

The self-declared Republic called the incident “a counterproductive step”, leading to the growth of tension between Chisinau and Tiraspol.

Recall, may 29, Moldova was declared persona non grata five diplomats of the Russian Embassy. In response to the actions of Chisinau, the Russian foreign Ministry announced the expulsion of five Moldovan diplomats from the country.

Dodon: the Decision to expel Russian diplomats was a provocation