Thursday night from the rubble of the burned-out hull of the Odessa College of Economics, law and hotel and restaurant business (Odessa) got a woman’s body, according to local the Internet-the edition “Duma”.

“In the ruins of the house Asvadurov, burnt 4 November, found the woman’s body. As reported “Duma” in the police, the rubble in this place then stopped, and now there are investigative actions. The remains were photographed, their location marked on the scheme and then seized for forensic examination. The identity of the deceased is not yet established,” – said in a note.

According to ablamskii emergency situations, among 14 people who on Thursday morning officially missing after the fire, there are students and staff of College of Economics, law, hotel and restaurant business and the employees of the Institute of marine biology, NAS of Ukraine, located in the same building.