The head of the parliamentary faction of the “servant of the people” David Arakhamiya considers that high demand punishment for the perpetrators should be converted to effective work of law enforcement, otherwise their funding in 2021 would be cut in half, and some organs and all can be dissolved.

“It’s not a threat – it is a fact that applies to all security forces. All security officers come in, they want to increase funding of 30-40%, your budget. And explain why they need it. But if no investigation, then why Finance? Why should the state Fund so much that everyone was confused how many of us “three-letter” names. They must then cut, join and have fewer bodies, but more effective,” said Arakhamia reporters Thursday in Kiev.

According to him, society demands the punishment of the perpetrators of high-profile cases and if the police did not show the result, the budget for 2021, he predicts a reduction in their budget in half. “We are twice will reduce the budget they have. I think it would be so – this is my forecast,” – said Arakhamia.




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