Esters of transfer “Let speak” on “the First channel” often get hot, and this is not surprising, since at their root is always some kind of drama. Sometimes it comes even before attempts to find out the relationship with the use of physical force, according to “Russian conversation”.

The output of the program with the participation of producer Bari Alibasov, the poisoning which caused a great public resonance, explicitly promised to be tangy.

Despite the fact that the proceedings over the incident with the producer many have already managed to fill nauseam, but this topic is still not descend from the front pages of the tabloids and esters ranked programs.

That’s another issue of “Let them talk,” said the controversial episode, which, incidentally, happened in the very beginning of the transmission.

Alibasov friend Liana, who became the guest of the broadcast, made a statement that all the troubles of the producer started after he married Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina.

This statement infuriated Alibasov, and he lashed out at the woman. The producer grabbed her face and tried to compress it.

Having survived the attack, Liana left the Studio and presenter Dmitry Borisov urged Alibasov not to raise hand on women.

Recall Alibasov spoke about cancer of the brain and of the son and the PR Director.