MOSCOW, April 25. /TASS/. “Gazprom” by the end of 2018 plans to complete the construction of the gas pipeline “Power of Siberia” to the border with China, said the Deputy Chairman of the Russian gas holding Vitaly Markelov in an interview with the Gazprom magazine.

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“On March 1, 2018 welded 859,6 1 thousand km of gas pipeline laid in the trench and covered over 1 580,1 thousand km, which is about 73% of the length of the pipeline on the section from the Chayandinskoye field to the border with China. By the end of this year it is planned to fully complete the construction of the pipeline in the area. Planned to open in 2019 only addressing the technological gaps after conducting the tests,” he said.

The total length of linear part of main pipeline for full development is about 4.5 thousand km with nine compressor stations with a capacity of over 1200 MW .

Markelov said that in the first phase by the end of 2019 will build the main gas pipeline from the Chayanda gas field to the border with China with a length of 2 thousand of 156.1 km and compressor station Zeya capacity of 128 MW. Construction of seven compressor stations with a capacity of 481 MW will continue until 2022. In the second stage of the Yakutsk center of gas production is connected with the Irkutsk gas production center (803,5 km, one compressor station with capacity of 48 MW). The third phase will expand transport capacity in the section from the Chayandinskoye field to Blagoveshchensk (491,45 1 thousand km, 577 MW).

The Deputy head of Gazprom added that at the end of 2017 began the construction of a compressor station Zeya, one of the unique objects under construction of the transmission system. Her entry in 2019 will provide the parameters when the first commercial gas deliveries to China, and continue to support the technological process for the processing gas at the Amur gas processing plant.