Georgia lost in July of $ 44 million from the reduction in the flow of Russian tourists to the country. The corresponding statement was made head of the National tourism administration of the Republic of Mariam Kvrivishvili, reports “Russian conversation” with reference to “Interfax”.

According to her, this is the minimum amount you did not get small and medium-sized hotels, restaurants, tour operators, suppliers of tourist services.

In General, the contribution of the tourism sector in Georgian economy in July compared to the same period last year decreased by 58 million dollars. The real losses could be even greater, since the forecast growth of the tourism sector was in double digits.

In turn, head of the Georgian government, Mamuka Bakhtadze believes that the level of tourism in the country in the current year will not increase and will remain at the level of 2018.

Flights between Russia and Georgia was suspended on 8 July amid anti-Russian protests in Tbilisi caused by the visit of the Russian delegation to the Georgian Parliament.

Earlier it was reported that the Georgian airline Georgian Airways incurs big losses on the background of aggravation of relations between Russia and Gruzia.

We will remind, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov has called the conditions for the resumption of air links with Georgia.