According to a senior official, the losses of the tourism sector of Georgia, dated
reducing the number of Russian travelers reached 60 million
USD, reports “Russian conversation”.

“We made steps give reason to announce that we
will definitely be back the momentum of growth in the tourism sector, which had. At
of July the tourism sector suffered damages of up to $ 60 million”,
– said Bakhtadze.

Despite the dismal news, the Georgian Prime Minister added
in the region of Adjara still positive growth of tourism, which exceeded last year’s
almost 40%, but it is unlikely to cover the losses of the country.

Along with this, the politician said that it is essential to provide
support all businessmen who are engaged in the tourism sector.

Earlier it was reported that staged an anti-Russian demarche of the Georgian singer Nino Katamadze kept his promise.

Also in the government
Georgia has recognized the dire consequences of insulting Putin.