Photo: Georgian su-25

The military has recognized that in the event of Russian aggression, the chances of the Georgian aviation no.

Army of Georgia refuses from the continuing use of Soviet attack aircraft su-25 and intends to invest in the development of UAVs and helicopters.

This was stated in an interview with the Arsenal chief of staff of the Georgian Armed forces, Brigadier General Vladimir Chachibaia, reports Georgia Online.

In General, this decision is largely due to the difficulty with parts.

“The main market of components for these aircraft – Russia, that is, access to them is not” – complained Chachibaia.

The current combat readiness of the su-25 Chachibaia appreciated low.

“Recently, the flights were carried out, except that one plane. We kept the vehicles, which is not used. It spent large sums from the budget”, – he explained, without specifying the total number of su-25 .

In addition, according to him, the effective use of such aircraft in the event of aggression by Russia is difficult.

“We know that in the event of Russian aggression, the chances of our aircraft there. Given the proposed location of the air defense of Russia on the territories of Abkhazia and Samachablo will need only 10 minutes to after taking off to shoot down any of our aircraft,” – said the General.

In this situation, he noted, the emphasis in the development of military aviation of Georgia should be on drones intended for reconnaissance and strikes, as well as for military helicopters.

As reported Корреспондент.netpreviously, the network showed the missile strikes Ukrainian su-25. The aircraft used missiles KH-25ML.