Anton Gerashchenko

The storage of nuclear waste can’t explode because of the fire in the Chernobyl zone. Statements about a possible explosion are fake. This broadcast “112 Ukraine” said the Deputy Minister of internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko.

He added that, in General, around the fire in the exclusion zone there were a lot of fakes.

“Indeed, the situation was difficult, but we had enough forces and means of the La is to contain the fire and not let him hurt either one of the objects of critical infrastructure, especially of nuclear security. All the stories about the fact that because of the fire in the Chernobyl zone will increase the level of radiation that would explode a nuclear waste storage – it’s all absolute nonsense,” – said Anton Gerashchenko.

He added that the storage of nuclear waste are concrete structures, which cannot explode, even if there to pour gasoline. These objects are under control and the possibility to fire them no.