In the government circle Germany began discussions regarding the boycott of the football world championship 2018 in Russia amid mass unsanctioned rallies held recently in the center of Moscow.

In particular, such a point of view voiced by the government of Germany for cooperation with Russia Gernot ehrler, reports “Russian conversation”, referring to the newspaper Deutsche Welle.

According to him, in Berlin reacted negatively to the mass detentions and use of force by members of law enforcement agencies. Even despite the fact that none of the rally in Moscow has not passed the coordination with the authorities, and therefore were illegal initially.

Erler said that the situation with civil rights in Russia has deteriorated in comparison with 2008, when FIFA decided to give Moscow the right to organise the 2018 world Cup . However, the Commissioner drew attention to reconsider the decision on the venue of the tournament in forces only the leadership of the Association.

According to the Deputy head of the CDU-CSU Michael Fuchs, a state within which citizens ‘ rights are violated, should not do a world Championships in any sports industry. He believes that in the light of events many of the fans of their teams decide to stay home and not go to Russia.

Previously, “Russian conversation” passed as a number of defenders reported on the use of torture against detainees in unauthorized mass actions in the capital. Then, in total, law enforcement officers delivered in branch of about 600 citizens