Russia needs the West as the world’s largest country with huge forests and arable land, according to the website of the German TV channel SWR. It therefore has great potential in terms of world food security, quotes the text of article RT.

As notes the edition, Mueller will visit Moscow and also located nearly 500 km South of Voronezh. It is planned that the German Minister will hold talks not only at the political level, but also with representatives of civil society.

The focus will be to stand three points: international climate protection, sustainable development and security of the food supply in the world.

Before the trip, Mueller said: “We need Russia as the largest country in the world to protect the world’s wealth and world food”. According to him, in regard to the international protection of climate and environment, as well as a broad Alliance on biological diversity, Russia is an important partner.

As reported on the website of SWR, Russia is the leading exporter of cereals in the world. The country “has enormous potential”, for example, a quarter of the global area of forests and more than 30 million hectares of unused arable land. Besides, Russia is considered the world’s leading exporter of grain, primarily wheat.

Thus, Russia plays a special role and responsibility in the world food supply, concludes SWR.