German military heads stationed in Lithuania, the international battalion of the allies, will remain in the country until until the security situation improves, said the President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

“The situation after the illegal annexation of Crimea changed, and Lithuania to a greater extent than any other country feels the threat,” said German President reporters at a meeting in Vilnius with Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite.

He noted that “German troops will stay in Lithuania as long as the situation will not change for the better, we will need to implement the decision”.

In turn, D. Grybauskaite said that the battalions of NATO in the Baltic countries and Poland, ensure the proper containment of possible threats.

However, she said that we should “continue to increase protective mechanisms in the Baltic States” .

“We will invest in the Alliance and continue to the next NATO summit was devoted to the further reform of NATO, which needs to invest in a new quality and speed of decision-making, needs to revise the map of the deployment of NATO forces, paying more attention to the Eastern flank of NATO and especially anti-air defense”, – said the head of Lithuania.

She supported the decision of Berlin to lead the battalion in Lithuania and said that “Germany was able to overcome a complicated feeling, taking such a decision.”

This year, the international battalions of NATO, formed of the soldiers of the 23 countries that were placed throughout the Baltic countries and in Poland. The Alliance said that it is necessary in connection with the actions of the Russian Federation in respect of Ukraine and in the Baltic sea region.